Lake County IL Housing Market - A Deep Dive into Home Values and Trends

Lake County IL Housing Market - A Spotlight on September 2023

Lake County IL Housing Market - A Spotlight on September 2023

September is always a pivotal month for our housing markets, representing a transition between summer and autumn. Let's dive into Lake County's September 2023 stats and see what they tell us about the broader market's health and direction.

September Sales Prices: The Core of the Market

The median sales price for homes in September 2023 settled at $400,000, showing a increase from $360,000 in September 2022. This shift signifies a robust demand coupled with the seasonal market's dynamicity.

Real Deals: List to Sold Price for September 

Properties listed in September 2023 were eventually sold for an average of 99% of asking price. This mirrors the median sales price, showcasing a consistent market without significant bargaining disparities.

Available Options: Homes on the Market

With 1111 homes up for sale in September 2023, compared to 1338 in September 2022, it indicates a slightly tighter market. The reduced availability certainly contributed to the elevated median sales price.

Making Moves: Homes Sold in September

A total of 553 homes found new owners in September 2023, a decline from 678 in September 2022. This decrease could be attributed to various key factors, including pricing and available inventory.

On the Cusp: Homes Under Contract

September 2023 observed 464 homes under contract, which is a dip from 545 in September 2022. This aligns with the trend of fewer transactions, emphasizing a need for buyers to act swiftly in a competitive market.

What Do These Numbers Mean?

The numbers paint a story of a market in demand, with slightly higher prices and fewer available options than the previous year. Whether it's the allure of Lake County or external economic factors, September 2023 stands as a month of keen interest for potential investors and homebuyers.

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